3 days out of 5; the positivity continues

Earlier this week I wrote for two days in a row and was immensely proud. The plan was to continue and write for a third day before seeing how long I could keep this streak going. I’m not at all disappointed this didn’t happen.

Firstly it will be easier to beat my streak now and reach a new personal best. Secondly I’m still figuring this out and on the third day I had planned to write in the evening but by then I’d had a busy day and struggled to find the motivation.

By day four I was exhausted (for some unknown reason) so I didn’t write but I did what I could; I thought out the remainder of the beginning of my story and how to shift in to the middle section. I know have the end of the beginning and start of the middle fleshed out in my head and just have to sit down and write – which is what I plan to do right now.

Another positive from the last week (not to mention my mindset and general happiness being much better) is that by having nothing to really say in a typical journal sense means these thoughts and feelings are out of my head but also I’m forced to think about writing in a more ‘blog’ sense. I haven’t done it yet but rather than filling the reader in with what I’ve been up to I’m thinking more along the lines of doing a post like ‘How to create a writing schedule’ or ‘Let your baby be just that’ (working title) – highlighting how you just need to get your first draft done, let it be full of mistakes and inconsistencies that can be fixed later. Babies fall, they’re not well rounded, far from perfect. This is your baby.

Not to repeat what I said earlier in the week but the fact I have my goals for the new year and beyond, and I’m excited about them is just have such a great effect on me. My aim is to work consistently in a job I get a good level of job satisfaction from and stick at it. On the side I want to be working on something (or things) to eventually bring in extra income and down the line I will leave my job and focus solely on my own pursuits.

One of those pursuits is to do coaching and scouting courses in football to then work within the sport in some capacity even if it is just coaching for an hour a week at a local kids team. It is very unlikely to happen but if I could one day work in football full time I just couldn’t put in to words how incredible that would be for me.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Part four of ‘The lady at 54’ coming soon.

Update: These parts are getting shorter. For that I apologise. I was hoping part four would cover the end of the beginning but now I’m thinking there will be a part five and six but they will also be short I think. You can find it here – The lady at 54 (part 4)

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