Back to back updates; I never said they would be great

I can not recall the last time I wrote updates two days in a row but here I am. While my history paints a very inconsistent picture I actually much prefer regular updates because less has happened and I have much less to say. When I say I have less to say I mean less of the big stuff; relationship news, new job, business ideas. With the big stuff out of the way I am free to look at the ‘smaller stuff’, the more introspective and important stuff.

Following writing the above I sat at my computer for ten minutes wondering what to write next. What is this important stuff I am now able to tackle?

It’s not that there isn’t anything it’s just that I feel very at peace at the moment. I’m still bathing in the comfort of Penny’s birthday, surprise party and engagement being over and done with. While there is peace there is also war; I am out of work and that is untenable.

I am looking and applying for jobs but there are a few reasons why this is tough – I know what sub-sectors and areas of electrical work I’m not particularly keen on or good at so that narrows the options, there’s not nearly as much work advertised at this time of year and it usually picks up in the new year, I have doubts about my own ability and competence, I don’t particularly want to be an electrician it just pays the bills, I would love to be able to sit at home and write and learn and read but this just is not possible.

Anyway, there is really not much to be said today and this post was always going to be short. I solely wanted to update for the sake of writing one two days in a row but the reason I’m really sat at the computer is to make a start on part three of ‘The lady at 54’, which I will post a link to below when completed.

As promised here is The lady at 54 (part 3)

If you haven’t already read here are parts one and two:

The lady at 54 (part 1)

The lady at 54 (part 2)

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