Journal Update 17/02/24 PM

How do I feel right now:

Tired. I got caught up writing a fictional story I’ve had in my head for a while so I’m writing this update a little later than I would have liked.

How do I feel about how today went:

Very good. Didn’t get everything done, but I purposely listed a lot and got a fair bit of it done. I also popped round my dad’s to drop birthday cards off and catch up. Had a nice time with the family back home before bed too.

What is the long term plan:

Entrepreneur. Writer. Nice life in Tenby. Time and energy to be around the kids taking them to whatever their biggest interest or goal is.

What do I want to achieve tomorrow that can get me closer to the above:

Keep doing what I have been doing. Creating content. Sharing. Engaging with others. Writing more of the fiction I started earlier today.

What else do I have planned or want to do tomorrow:

Prepare as best as possible for another week of working away. Early night and a good night’s sleep. I also believe we’re taking my daughter swimming. It’s kind of telling I’m talking about work plans on a Sunday before talking about what I’m actually doing with my family. Have to check myself there, don’t do it again.

What am I feeling in regards to all of the above:

A little saddened by what I just mentioned above. Anxious about another week at work. I don’t want to wish my life away but I’m already hoping it just flies by.

Miscellaneous thoughts/ideas/feelings/actions:

None, other than it’s time to go to bed and I hope this late night (it’s nearly 1am) doesn’t affect me too much tomorrow and beyond.

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