First Journal Entry: 17/02/24 AM

How do I feel right now:

I feel good. I was woken up at 6am by my daughter but there was no overwhelming desire to stay in bed. I was fairly content with getting out of bed, taking her downstairs and doing what needed to be done around the house before getting my notepad and laptop out to do some work. I’m feeling productive, proud and like something has finally clicked within my mindset towards my goals. My only negative feeling is slight anxiety that this is another false dawn and I will fail to remain consistent but I am to use this as fuel to keep going.

How do I feel about yesterday:

Yesterday was a great day. I’ve been off work from Wednesday as it was half term so I’ve been able to spend time with the kids I don’t normally as I work away. I’ve been able to do more around the house and feel a sense of pride for contributing more. I’ve maintained my good habits I’ve been working on the last few weeks, got more done in terms of content creation (actually starting to enjoy it now whereas before it was a task I had to do) and I’ve not fallen in to the traps of bad habits when I’m at home and comfortable.

What is the long term plan:

To be a successful author and entrepreneur. To work for myself, from home, with complete autonomy. To have multiple income streams. To live in a nice house in Tenby with a thriving property portfolio. To be in a position where my kids can follow whatever dream they want in life and do not have to defer their goals and work a meaningless, uninspiring job simply for the money.

What do I want to achieve today that can get me closer to the above:

What I am doing right now; reflect, feel, plan and act. Today I will create content to share across social media and grow my following. I will look more in to the business idea that makes the most sense to me right now and possibly do a test run to see how I get on. I would like to write fiction and share that. In a way that could bring me closer to my goal and is enjoyable to me but I wonder if the time and effort it takes compared to the returns it will achieve is too great and I’d be better off focusing on other avenues.

What else do I have planned or want to do today:

As mentioned I would like to write fiction today. If I look at it as a fun endeavour rather than a business one maybe that will help. I would also like to spend time doing something nice with my family. Before I know it will be 5am Monday and I’ll be setting off for another week working away.

What am I feeling in regards to all of the above:

I’m feeling excited with a tinge of anxiety. I want to achieve my long term goal so badly. I am thirty-five years old this year, my kids are growing up so fast. The life I lead currently is far from a bad one but equally it is pretty far from congruent with what I want. The long term goal above is obviously closer to the ultimate dream whereas in reality I’d be very happy to be able to work from home earning a decent wage, renting a home that suits our needs and having the time and energy to work on growing my own business/es.

Miscellaneous thoughts/ideas/feelings/actions:

I have written a simplified daily routine (which includes journaling both morning and evening) which I am determined to stick to. It includes going for a short walk first thing in the morning and going to the gym after work – my plan is to join at the end of the month (because I’m being a snob wanting to join a nice one with a sauna and swimming pool) but a guy at work has said I can use his pass for the gym he’s joined while working away so that’s something for now. I should really use it. Also I really need to work on what I’m eating whilst working away; I don’t particularly like cooking so quick and easy meals on an evening have been my go-to whereas on site my options are microwave meals or sandwiches and a hot meal goes a long way when working outdoors so I’m a little bit stuck. I guess I could make something the night before for my evening meal then take leftovers in to work and heat them up. Something to think about.

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