Festivities over, back to reality

I’m feeling very proud of myself right now; this is the third day out of four that I have set aside time for writing and prioritised it over other endeavours. And while I didn’t write yesterday I did plan to and knew what I was going to say, that may not sound much but I did have other things to do and as a reward to myself I set aside an hour to play a game and didn’t even manage a full hour before I turned it off for family commitments, the best part is I was fine with that. Time management has always been a bit of an issue with me so I’m glad that lately I’ve been a little better with it. I’ve also kept up my Spanish lessons and I’m quickly closing in on 90 days in a row.

In case you missed it the other day I posted the beginning to a story I wrote almost two years ago (here) before working on part two (here) directly after. I am immensely proud of this and today I aim to work on this story a little more but to be honest it is another story that I haven’t even started yet that I haven’t been able to get out of my head for the last two days. This new story is a little more ambitious and to be honest in my head I see it as a graphic novel but I have no idea how to go about getting started on something like that. I may just have to write it as a traditional novel and see what happens in the future.

On to something of a professional topic I am wondering what to do money-wise going forward. I am working for somebody as and when he needs me which is okay, although my partner finishes her maternity leave in March and wants me consistently working at least five days a week before she returns to work. I don’t want to attempt to monetize this blog, to be honest at the moment I’m still not really looking into advertising it and bringing traffic over. I’m still using it a place to record what’s in my head and for some kind of accountability. What I’m thinking (again) is potentially starting a new blog or creating a new website with the aim of monetisation but the same issues that have always plagued me remain; the money it takes to have another website, lack of knowledge on how to create and maintain a website properly, how to draw traffic, what topic to talk about or what kind of website to make (the areas I’m knowledgeable about are already saturated online), my own self doubt that anybody would want to look at something I’ve made (never mind buy from me) and finally, time: right now I have a very young family, college (which I’m not doing great in), work (which takes it out of me when I do two or three days a week – I know, there’s something wrong with me), finding time to write, wanting to work out and be in shape and time for my own enjoyment. I know claiming I don’t have the time is the most common excuse and fairly weak but I really don’t think I could put the effort in to a new website that I would want to with it potentially having actual people looking at it and especially if it’s meant to bring an income. Maybe when I’ve finished college depending on how that goes and what comes next, it may be that I jump straight in to the next steps to become a fully qualified electrician so these plans may have to wait a little longer, but again once I’m qualified I’m a lot more likely to be working full time. I’m beginning to feel a little overwhelmed talking about it so perhaps this is a good place to stick a pin in it.

I’m going to attempt to do a little more fiction writing now and post online, after that I may play a game for an hour to try and chill before my partner and baby wake up and make demands. The aim is to make another blog post tomorrow but I do have to start going over some of my college work from the last few months as I start back on Tuesday and I’m definitely started to feel like I’m falling behind. Based on that if I’m not back soon, I’ll be back later.

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