Two in a row

Yesterday my blog post was just over 1300 words, in addition to that I wrote roughly 900 words to summarise the stories, characters and plots that have been circulating in my head recently. A target I would like to achieve today is to actually write some fiction but I am suffering a little with analysis paralysis. I know I can’t just start writing. I need to pick the story that I’d like to work on right now, then come up with some kind of linear plot from start to finish, flesh out some characters and create a few more from scratch, there’s plenty more but for now it’s not really worth going in depth. It’s actually making me feel a little worse putting down into words just what I have to go through before I get to write.

For today that is all. This post may not be a classic but all I wanted to do was get the ball rolling before moving on to my fiction and attempting to get something down on paper. I may update later with how it went (for reference it’s 10:30am right now).

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