Lazy Sunday, happy Sunday

It is Sunday the 3rd of January and today has been a pretty typical Sunday; large portions of it have been spent with all four of us chilling in front of the TV with The Simpsons on. I’ve cleaned a little and done a few minor but overdue jobs while my girlfriend has done actual difficult jobs like cleaning, washing up, changing poo-ey nappies, making food and getting up with the baby leaving me to have a bit of a lie-in (I did reluctantly get up with the baby yesterday allowing my girlfriend an extra five hours in bed, but she did housework and ordered a McDonald’s breakfast while I was in bed so she definitely won this round). It’s half four in the afternoon and I’m just planning to write a short blog post before having an hour on my game – I haven’t given in and bought the new game I wanted so I guess that’s good. Yesterday in addition to my blog post and part two of Mulligan I also wrote the outline (four hundred words) for maybe the first third of the novel. I’ll continue writing the outline and parts simultaneously and see where that takes me.

The rest of today will consist of writing, playing my game, helping out with the baby before she goes to bed, dinner with my girlfriend and step son, my Spanish lesson, maybe watch the end of “Searching for Bobby Fischer” or “Innocent Moves” as it’s called in the UK (we finished Queen’s Gambit in two nights and now my partner and I have downloaded a chess game to play against each other – we’re both pretty bad), then hopefully an early night. I would like to get up early and get straight on to something productive like my Spanish lesson, writing or working out but if I’m up that means I’ll have the baby with me and she’s not so much of a fan of me focusing on anything but her for too long. I’ll see if I can get up while she’s still sleeping and try to get an hour or so of productivity in. I have my first college lesson of the year on Tuesday evening but it will be home-based which has good and bad sides. The plan is to get some revision in either tomorrow during the day or Tuesday while our oldest child is back in school. I’m definitely a little behind and I’m expecting to be disappointed by the results of the test we had before Christmas. I’m also waiting on the call for my return to work. I’m going to be a very busy boy soon, what joy.

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