Peaks and valleys

Following how well I’ve been doing lately I’m having something of a crash at the minute; I’ve got less motivation to write at all, feel like I’ve got nothing to say on the blog, doing poorly at college (I have revised and feel more confident on two areas of the exam I did particularly poor in), a return to work is looming over me (and my girlfriend is putting pressure on for me to push to go back as soon as possible), I’m trying to avoid just playing a game to pass the time and more-so I’m resisting the urge to buy a game I actually want to play (Football Manager 2021) – knowing that I could easily find myself sinking numerous hours in to it.

My thinking was that if I open my laptop to write and publish a blog post (rubbish or waffling though it may be) then I may feel better, can say I’ve done at least one productive task today and I can continue that writing consistently (although admittedly that has dropped off somewhat recently). As a reminder of some positives in the last few days I have continued my Spanish lessons, I’m on my third day of Intermittent fasting and I’ve finished week 3 of ‘Couch to 5k’ with a reluctant, but ultimately fulfilling, run yesterday. In the upcoming week I’ll attempt to keep up with both as well as my writing. I have two virtual college classes Monday and Tuesday so we’ll see how that goes. Other than that I’m not sure how things will go, general around the house stuff and nominal errands aside. For now I’ll continue reminding myself that while the highs do come and go, so do the lows.

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