Corrections, change of plans and exams

Two days ago in my previous post I made three mistakes; first of all as I was unable to continue writing I said I would update tomorrow – this of course did not happen, life happened and tomorrow became the day after tomorrow. Secondly I said I wanted to reach ten thousand words for my blog posts in total – this was incorrect. I saw a counter that read almost 8,500 somewhere on my WordPress dashboard and assumed this was my word count, in fact it was the total amount of comments on my blog (all of them junk). I am interested to know how much I have written and will look into that in time. Finally my third mistake was more of an oversight, and my oversight wasn’t explicitly stated – I was excited to be potentially finished with college until September and in my head September wasn’t for three or four months but when I checked September is actually upon us in just over four weeks. I have four to eight weeks of freedom (I’m still waiting to hear when the next course begins) and next week I begin my new job while for the next four of those weeks our eldest is off school and we’re having to stress about childcare and the like.

Speaking of stress about childcare yesterday was a lot of fun. As I mentioned in my previous post Rosie has been off nursery as we had to isolate and yesterday was her first day back so I dropped her in at around 9am, Spence and I grabbed a few bits from the shop, went home and started discussing how we would spend our ‘Boys Day!’ when the phone rang. The nursery suspected she had chickenpox so roughly half hour after dropping her in I was back at the nursery door picking her up. In the following 24 hours or so spots have been popping up all over her and while we haven’t been able to see a doctor (fully booked) we are pretty sure this is chickenpox so not only was ‘Boys Day!’ cancelled but also Penny, Spencer and Rosie’s trip to spend a week with her family on the coast may also have to be cancelled. I’m sure I mentioned it but the trip has been booked for next Monday for months, unfortunately I had to drop out as my new job starts Monday but the plan was for them to still go and I’d have the empty house for my first week which comes with it’s own positives and negatives. We’ll have to see what happens with that. Penny is still going for her hen-do weekend in Manchester tomorrow and Spence is going to his dad’s so tomorrow until Sunday it’ll be just me and little chickenpock. So don’t expect many updates from me over the next week or so. Any time to myself will be spent sleeping.

I know that you will be wondering how my test went and now that I have built tension (apparently that is what writers do) I can let you know that I passed! I went in feeling fairly confident and not only did I get a few questions that I knew without having to check the reference book but also I did a practice test at home a couple of hours before and three or four of the questions directly from the practice sheet came up that I had no idea about until I revised the answers. I guess luck was on my side but of the other five or six people in the exam I heard at least four of them utter disappointment at failing when they received their results. This raised doubts in my confidence and while I use most of the allotted time in exams to double and triple check my answers in this particular exam I had eight seconds remaining when I pressed finish (it was on the computer, I didn’t gauge that from the clock on the wall). And just to humble brag I got 95% (57 out of 60). I’m very proud of myself and happy to be finished with college even if it is only for a month or so.

In the process of writing that last paragraph my little chickenpock has woken up and now she’s next to me downstairs I can see she is very irritated and itchy so I’m going to put some cream on her and try and cheer her up a bit. Until next time.

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