A new record; 6 posts in a week!

It’s half past two in the afternoon. My girlfriend and daughter are asleep, my step-son is relaxing on his tablet after an intense first day of home-schooling and I’ve not long woke up from a nap. I went for a run this morning, inspired by my girlfriend going for one yesterday and while I feel good with how I did it definitely tired me out. Also don’t assume just because I went for a run that I’ve eaten better too, absolutely not. Plenty of snacks today. It’s a process so I’m not too disheartened at all.

As I said I would yesterday I’ve had a look at some of my college tutor notes online and tried to do a bit of revision but personally I don’t think it has gone well. I’ll go back to it after this post and I have an online class tonight that I’ll put real effort into. One piece of news that stuck with me following Boris’ lockdown 3.0 announcement last night is that not all school and college exams can take place this summer. Earlier in the college year we were told if we cannot do our exams in the summer that our mock exam from December would be used. This is not a good thing as I’m sure I did terribly in this exam. I did the best I could but there were a few questions that completely caught me out and a couple that frankly I forgot exactly how to work the answer out. Let’s see what result I got. As long as it’s not disastrous I’ll be okay with it. You get what you deserve and as the college year has progressed I’ve found it increasingly difficult to focus and I’ve barely looked at any college work while I’m at home knowing full well other students have and the tutors have told us it’s important.

Back to the writing and I do believe I have the core outline for my Mulligan story complete though I’m not completely convinced I have any kind of hook in the middle of the story and the end is pretty anti-climatic. I still only have basic one-dimensional ideas for a few supporting characters so I need to flesh those out. I’m not sure now if I should try and set daily targets of writing x amount towards the story or if I should give myself a deadline to have my first draft complete. What I’m doing right now is working out okay for me so we’ll see how that goes. Saying that (and as I’ve mentioned at least half a dozen times over the last week or so) I do return to work and college shortly so I may have to put the writing on the back burner but I’ll be very reluctant to do so. I’ll keep the writing as high priority as I can, even if it means only adding a few bullet points to my outline. Today’s post was never meant to be substantial at all, just an update and a means to keep the consistency going. My plan now is some college revision and adding a little more to my story outline which have been in my head and on my phone. Good day to you all, if I’m not back tomorrow I’ll be back the next day. I hope I’m not jinxing it now but putting actual dates in to the mix.

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