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I’ve just gone back over my previous few posts and spent a few minutes looking for a more recent post I was sure I had written. Apparently not, it really has been ten days. One aspect of my phantom post was my insistence on going to the gym either Thursday or Friday. I just want to clarify I did neither but I’m fine with that. I’ve been keeping up with my five thousand steps per day, eating within my calorie deficit, the weight is slowly slipping off and I’m seeing a little more definition in the mirror but I’m aware that could be wishful thinking.

I’ll be doing the minimum amount of steps acceptable today after having a few jobs to do in the house while the kids and girlfriend are in nursery, school and work. Posting an order from our sweet business and picking up the children should get me close after an extended walk dropping them in this morning. I also have college tonight so I should be covered even on a somewhat busy day. Tomorrow I’ll be walking to college to get my assignment uploaded to their computer systems – that should be the last job I have to do to finish my course. Then, barring any orders from the sweet business, I can largely relax and look forward to the England versus Germany game.

As mentioned I’ve had a few jobs to do today. Most of them were boring everyday tasks but I really stepped up on my job search. My partner has been stressing about money and while I’ve had a look and done a few applications I haven’t fully applied myself.

Today I knew I could so as soon as I got home I did twelve applications and spoke to seven different agencies specialising in construction. Of those I had three get back to me straight away, take my details and are looking to get me started and on site as early as next Monday (one may even be able to get me in between tomorrow and Thursday). My partner is thrilled and although I’m slightly nervous and unsure the money for even just four weeks work would help massively so the plan is to just go through with it and see how I feel after a week or so when the initial stage is complete. For some reason I go in expecting the worst even though I know based on previous experience it’s really ever that bad. I shall update as and when on this front – there are still another 16 jobs and agencies to hear back from.

I’m unsure if I have written about him before but some time last year I got talking to a neighbour whose tree was playing havoc with our garden. Long story short he paid half for the tree to be cut down to around twenty feet high (it was truly humongous) but the greatest part of this whole interaction was the neighbour is a wonderful human being with a great story.

He’s in his seventies (I believe) and for over fifty years he was a lecturer at the now-closed Walsall art college. His art form was sculpture but he is extremely knowledgeable in pretty much everything art or creative related. He is well-read, highly intelligent and has wonderful opinions on education, young people, self-esteem and finding what it is that drives you before doing exactly that with every breath. Obviously he has great opinions on much, much more and is open to a debate for the things I politely disagree with.

It is so rare to find someone where I live who is this way inclined and much, much rarer to find somebody who has worked in the arts doing what they love. On Saturday I met him for a few drinks in the pub down the road and like each time I have spoken to him I came away in a much more positive mental state with a greater assuredness about myself. Perhaps it is his words that have helped me to overcome the big hurdle today that is sending multiple applications and actively looking to start work as soon as possible.


The above was written at around 2pm yesterday (Monday 28th June) but I had to stop as I had to post an order from the business and then pick up the kids from school and nursery. My plan was to get home and finish this post but I had to sort the kids and eat before leaving for college at quarter to six. My partner wasn’t home until quarter past five so it was all a little tight.

It’s currently 1pm and not only did college go well last night (week 8 of 10) but also I’ve been in to college this morning to upload my exam, assignment and all documentation on to the online system. Following submission my lecturer said “Congratulations, you’ve passed level three” What a relief this was to hear and what a weight lifted from my shoulders.

Luckily my partner and I received a payment we have been waiting for so that has eased financial stress a little. We were never in a worrying position but we weren’t a million miles away so this payment has helped. It also means the need for me to be in work as soon as possible isn’t as great.

I’m still following through with all applications made, and will make more if needed, so any agency or job that gets back to me I’ll do all I can to get started soon as I can. The most promising of the replies I’ve had is a job fitting and connecting solar panels to industrial and commercial premises. A great sector of the industry to get in to for the future and quite interesting too. Also the fact it starts next Monday is handy, I was a little anxious about starting within a day or two as suggested by a couple of agencies. If I was offered something starting tomorrow I would say yes of course but if I had a preference it would be next week, giving me a chance to process. I know it sounds lazy or work-shy but being out of work for a while and suddenly returning does give me a slight sense of dread or anxiety. I’ll get over it, I’ll be okay.

An hour until Spencer finishes school. Another hour until his swimming lesson. An hour after that it is kick off. England versus Germany. There may be some nerves and trepidation but I genuinely can not wait. With my mind focused on that I’m not sure there is much more I can write so for now, auf wiedersehen.

PS: If you don’t get the above reference then you need help, or you’re just not a British child that grew up in the 90’s watching your dad’s favourite tv programs on UK Gold with every waking hour.

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