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I know, you don’t have to say anything. Three days in a row. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. Three days in a row. You can definitely tell I’ve had some time off work. I hope to continue to update on the occasional work-night and not just on the weekends or when I’m off work but we’ll have to see.

Rosie had her first dance lesson today at 9am so that’s how we started our day. She loved it but was a little overwhelmed after so, like the saps we are, we took her to a toy shop after to pick something small. The plan was to go for a coffee and quick bite but as the toy shop was a few doors down we popped in there first. Followed by a small food shop and returning home to two of Penny’s sisters and our niece waiting for us. We were expecting them but they were a little early.

After half an hour or so they all went out to do a bit of shopping and get some lunch while I got to stay home alone with the football on. Can’t complain. Once they got back the kids played for an hour or so before they set off home and that leads me to right here right now. Not a bad day at all so far. Spending money like it’s going out of business though.

We’ll be having a couple of drinks tonight and maybe watch a film. Tomorrow we’re going to my dad and step mum’s for Sunday dinner and then it’ll be an early night ready for back to work Monday. I wouldn’t say I’m dreading going back but I’m definitely not looking forward to it.

As I mentioned briefly yesterday I’m leaning more towards going back to my old job rather than remaining in my current one. The only downsides are the lack of security with it being a very small company, and the fact I’d be doing two installs a day with the homes being on average more undesirable to work in than the ones I currently work in. There’s no nice way to say it, and keep in mind I’m from a very under-class council estate, but the jobs I do now are private homes were the tenant has paid five figures for a solar install whereas my old job are council homes where people qualify for free panels because they are on a very low income. Some homes are still great to work in and a good number of them are just fine but there’s a decent number that are very difficult.

I guess another issue is how truthful and true to his word my old boss may be. When I previously worked for him there were some exaggerations and half-truths. Nothing too bad but it does leave me a little apprehensive. Will he take me on direct and actually pay me a full day’s pay if he has no work? Will I get sick pay and holiday pay? Will the van he is getting for me actually be reliable? Is there as much work as he is saying there is or will he lay me off as soon as things dry up? I’m due to talk to him at some point tomorrow over the phone so I’ll have to find out. We did discuss maybe going for a coffee but dinner at my dad’s is gonna be fairly early I believe so phone it’ll have to be.

I was due to say at the start of this update that there isn’t too much to say so don’t expect another two thousand word entry. I’ve filled you in on how today went, my plans for the remainder of my time off work, and the whole work situation. There’s not much left to say.

I haven’t yet sorted Wattpad, YouTube or looked in to podcasts. Maybe I’ll do a little bit of that once I’ve posted this update. I’ve also got tomorrow morning and when we return home after dinner. The only other thing I have to do is my Spanish lessons on DuoLingo – my streak is over two years now and I’m doing more than the bare minimum everyday, actually feeling like I’m making progress.

Maybe I’m just a little tired but all that motivation and good mood from the last couple of days feels very depleted now. It’s not that I’m tired and/or depressed right now, I’m actually jolly and have plenty of energy for the night ahead. I just feel quite mellow in comparison to how I was. I think the Monday dread may be creeping in too.

It’s all good though, no matter. I can get through this first week back at work no problem and by the time it’s up I’ll be that much closer to knowing if I’m going back to my old place. Also one week closer to payday. Also one week closer to Christmas – which on a whole is great but the whole buying presents thing stresses me out. And Penny’s birthday is the third of December so I’ve gotta buy for that too. What joy.

I’m gonna leave it there before I stress myself out too much. A bit of productivity on the writing side (can’t be bothered to write out the sites/apps I’m meant to be joining etc again, you all know what I need to do) and I can end the day, and weekend if I don’t manage to update here again, on a very high note.

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