Taxes, death and a two month hiatus from updates

In case you haven’t guessed from the title these three things are the guarantees of life. As is tradition I have failed to post an update for over two months. I haven’t read my previous post, just checked the date, so I’m not looking to exclusively address or update the points I raised on my last appearance back on August 14th.

I started the job I am at now back on September 5th and I’m pretty sure I wrote about wanting this job in previous posts. It’s another solar installation job and the perks made it sound almost too good to be true. While the benefits are good there are definite issues that need sorting as soon as possible. I won’t go too in depth but just want to say while I’ve had a few bad days I’m generally happy and plan to give the job until around March to see how I feel and what I want to do next. This could change but for me it is very important to remain in this role until at least the new year. December is known to be the most unstable and unpredictable month within construction so being directly employed (and paid when there is no work available) is hugely beneficial.

My partner Penny has an operation next weekend and another benefit of this job is that I will be paid holiday leave for the week I’m taking off to look after the kids and try to help her recovery while she is bedridden. She is a tad worried but it is a very common procedure and I’m sure all will be fine. Any fears I have I am doing a good job of not showing them and most importantly not allowing these thoughts to take over my mind and run away with me.

My aim, as always, is to remove myself from a traditional work environment post-haste. I’m 33 now and by the time I’m 40 I’ll be hugely disappointed if I’m not working for myself full-time at least from home, if not from my own office or similar. I definitely do not want to be in construction. I read about a website where you can send a letter to yourself to be delivered at a set date in the future and I would love to write one to my 40 year old self. To be honest 40 is a conservative time frame. I want to be there as soon as possible. 35 years old is an equally favourable round number and gives me almost two years. I’m not sure what the work would be but as mentioned previously a project based role would suit me best; where I could work at any time day or night rather than at the same set times each day. I’d also write more and look in to other projects. Already being sat at the computer at home would be immensely beneficial, especially in comparison to my 10-14 hour days at work now being stuck in rat race traffic before walking in the house filthy and tired needing a shower followed by an hour sat on the settee recovering. By this time I have to start preparing for bed then do it all again. I know these are excuses and I can do more to work around them but the way I see it if I can remove the cause of these excuses I’ll either have to find new ones or just get on with it.

I’m not too sure what my plan is to achieve this. As I say my aim is to remain in the job I’m currently at until at least March. I’m thinking maybe I should look in to beginner coding courses as it seems this kind of work ticks the most boxes; work from home, well paid (fairly competitive with electrician rates and much higher ceilings), project based rather than set times. An added bonus is some of the ideas I have that would require somebody with a background in coding suddenly has somebody to fill the position, and if I wasn’t able to do what was needed I would at least have a better understanding than what I have now and I may move in those circles so may know somebody else that is more qualified than I.

A more unpredictable plan I have is that the crypto I’m holding will reward me with an amount somewhere between ‘decent little profit’ and ‘never have to work again’. I currently hold in excess of ten million coins and the dream is that one day each coin is worth a dollar, or hopefully more. I don’t expect this to happen any time soon but to be honest if this coin got to twenty cents, even ten cents, I would have sold a few million and had over six figures in my account. Maybe I wouldn’t leave work with that but it would absolutely help.

It would be nice if each coin was worth a penny, or close, come March time. That would make it quite a pivotal time when in conjunction with my work, my daughter’s third birthday and the amount of free hours she would receive at nursery saving my partner and I a few hundred pounds per month. Also if I were to start looking in to learning some basic coding now hopefully by March I’d be somewhere further along the line.

There is obviously quite a bit more to discuss in terms of the past two months but at the moment I’m more focused on the next six months, as I’ve shown. I’ve been meaning to return and write an update for the majority of the past eight weeks so I’m glad to have broken that streak and, as I have written many, many times before, I look forward to now updating regularly. Admittedly I have only been able to return today as I am not in work and my family are all out but today is Wednesday and even if I’m not home early enough from work tomorrow or Friday to update I will be able to make time over the weekend. Also I plan to actually start reading a book I’ve been given tonight, not an audiobook but actually hold and read a physical book. I very much look forward to this and find it to do something indescribable intrinsically, so much more than listening to a book or watching a story unfold on a screen or even reading the same book on a device, but maybe that’s just me. Also I have found that two things happen when I read; I write, and I read more – finding myself in a positive feedback loop.

Things may not work out as I would like but at this moment in time I’m excited and optimistic for both the short-term and long-term future.

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