A dozen days

This time the gap between updates has only been 12 days, not too bad. Add to that, things have been quite manic with preparations for, and enjoying, my step-son’s birthday. After roughly three years of living in our home (renting) I have given up pestering the landlord and done our garden up myself and that’s where we had his birthday party with a few family members attending. I did burn being out doing the garden in the glorious British weather we’ve been having but I’ve felt great actually being out in the sun and getting some fresh air. On the topic of feeling well: I’ve had my blood test results back for my energy and lethargy problems and the only marker that shown up was folic acid so I’ve been taking that and I feel it’s making a difference. My head is in a great place at the moment with everything I spoke about in the last update and now a number of jobs I had looming over me being completed, getting out exercising and spending less time playing games.

Moving forward I am week five of ten in my new course at college and while it is going well I haven’t had the chance to do the mock tests we have the option of doing at home. I really need to get on with that in preparation as the exam is two hours and I need to know where I’m at. My only other requirements coming up are taking a bunch of rubbish to the tip today and go to the gym at some point in the next three days (I did go following my last update (admittedly it was the following day due to a few jobs that needed doing) but in effect I have paid for two months and only been once and my aim is to go at least two or three times a week).

As you can see for the first time in a good while I don’t have any immediate pressing issues but long-term I do still have my next course or two at college and my return to work niggling at the back of my mind. For now those items aren’t bothering me much and I’m looking forward to relaxing a little after a tough few months (now I think about it it’s perhaps since around August things have been quite hectic and I’ve had more rough days than smooth), my only priorities are spending time with the family, getting to the gym and out walking, reading book 10 of Bobby Adair’s Slow Burn, passing my college exam and writing as much as I can. Oh and there is the small matter of the Euros for any football fans out there. I’m planning on watching the majority of the matches and was actually debating whether to use the competition as the starting point for starting a football based blog or Youtube channel but:

  1. I think there are already too many great football based sites and channels out there and mine would be amateur as hell (I also hate my voice so Youtube probably isn’t the best bet)
  2. I’m already feeling like I’m spreading myself a little thin so maybe taking on more just isn’t top of the pops.

For now if I really feel like voicing my opinions on football I may do so on here or just on dedicated blogs or forums, we shall see. Until next time.

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