My future is set; the re-education begins

I must start by confessing I haven’t done all I can to write more and when I have attempted to write I’ve found it difficult. I’m not too disappointed in myself though; this is a process and I’m only starting out, to add to that I always try to draw a line underneath whatever has happened in the past rather than dwell. I’ve also been productive in other ways, one of which is the inspiration for the title of this post.

As you may know I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my life, in a nutshell. While I’m still unsure of the long-term I do acknowledge that I must work while I do figure it out. Now if I’m going to work it makes sense to do so in a job that I enjoy as much as possible, I’m already sufficient in and that pays well. The job that makes the most sense is electrician; it is what I’ve been doing for the majority of the last 18 months, I was training and an apprentice for three years in my youth and the qualifications I already hold will make the training process shorter, the money is very good, and generally it is a relaxed environment where you can have a laugh with the other guys on site and don’t have a boss on your back.

I have applied for college and if all goes well then by the end of next year I could be fully qualified and working for myself. I’ve worked predominantly in the industrial and commercial sectors and this would continue but I’d also look in to doing smaller domestic jobs on occasion. My older brother has had enough of driving a truck and is making the bold decision to sell his business and become a plumber. At some point down the line the aim is for the two of us to go into business together. Long-term this is very exciting for me and it seems I’ve gone full circle – when I first decided to train to be an electrician in my youth my goal was to have my own business and have people working for me.

My only reservations were would my interests take a back seat once more and would my time be more efficiently spent on more modern working systems than an old school one such as owning a construction business. On my first point predominantly I’m talking about writing (which I have deferred time and time again) and football coaching (due to work and financial constrictions I have delayed starting the course) but I have decided that it is only down to me to make time for these pursuits. My second point is regarding the popularity in working from home and passive income streams. The dream many chase at the moment is setting up some kind of system (preferably from home such as dropshipping or creating a piece of software) that will eventually require no more than intermittent maintenance while making them money through all hours of the day. I, like many others, find myself giving this dream plenty of thought and, even if not passive, an internet-based business is the end goal for me. Similar to pursuing my interests this is something I must ensure I give appropriate time too but also when I find what it is I which to invest in I will need money and time to do so. As a qualified electrician or business owner I will be able to put money aside and will have more freedom regarding my time than many others working directly for somebody else.

Moving forward time management is an area I must work on. I’m waiting for a call from college and if all goes well, I’ll be starting in early September. The course is three days a week so I’ll have to find work across the remaining four days – something I’m fairly confident of regarding the fact I’ve been working a couple of days a week on average for a friend. Hopefully this can continue and I can work it around college. I may be able to do my football coaching course before returning to college and perhaps one or two nights a week I can assist in coaching a local youth team. The rest of my time will be spent with family and friends, in the gym, and writing. For the first time in a while I not only feel settled regarding the future, but I feel excited. I have a lot ahead of me and I’m looking to fully immerse myself in it.

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