Happy New Year! Back to work

Happy new year! While I would like to be more positive I do want to get a couple of disappointments out of the way first; I’m disappointed I haven’t updated since December 7th, specifically on and around Christmas-time when I’ve had plenty of time at home, I’m disappointed that I didn’t update on January 1st as it would have been a great way to start the year, and finally I’m slightly disappointed that I only beat my target of fifty total blog posts by one but I did beat my target with time to spare so I’m not being too hard on myself. Also it gives me some very attainable targets to aim for in the short and long term future.

Moving from negative to positive I did begin writing the story I had been mulling over directly after my last update and while I only got roughly 2,000 words down I’ve got pretty much the whole outline of the book sorted, the timeline almost figured out and all characters I’d imagined are somewhat fleshed out. A little more work on the outline and then I just have to crack on and get it written.

I haven’t read my previous update back yet. I plan to and then use it for one of my upcoming updates to fill in what has happened since then but for now I just wanted to create that first update of the year done, uploaded and chalked up on the board. Similarly I plan to make an update with some goals and plans for the upcoming year.

Today was my first day back in work and, like many others, getting up from bed in the dark and cold to go to work for the first time in thirteen days (bloody hell I was sure it was more) was hell. Penny and I might have plenty of early mornings and rough night’s with Rosie waking us up and her family staying over but at least we knew we weren’t in work and that we could enjoy our day or have a little chill later. Going back to work definitely set me off in a very ‘this surely isn’t what life should be about’ kind of mood, even if it was a very easy day with an early finish.

As of right now there is no job booked in tomorrow and as always I’m eternally hopeful it remains that way. Not just for a lie in and chill day. I have to take copious amounts of wrapping paper and other assorted Christmas waste to the tip, an engineer is coming round to check something or other and my new phone is being delivered. I rarely buy myself new things, especially expensive things, but my current phone is almost five years old and struggles to do most simple things these days so an upgrade is overdue. Still, I haven’t plumped for a brand new, as in newly released, phone. The one I’ve ordered is has been available for a year and is the scaled down, cheaper version of what they call a ‘flagship’ model. It helps that, as an older model, it comes with lots of freebies. Can’t beat a bargain.

In other news I’m planning to buy some dumbbells to at least do some cosmetic workouts at home and I’m still trudging through my Spanish lessons barely, need to fix up. Penny brought up the possibility of us going on more family walks; even if just around the block of an evening to get some fresh air and exercise before the kids go to bed and while we’ve only done it for the past two days it is something I think could be very important and beneficial so will try to maintain.

I’m still plodding my way through the Stephen King book ‘Cell’ and while I enjoy it very much it’s definitely taking some effort for me to get back to actual reading rather than listening to an audiobook. Once I’ve completed that I have two non-fiction quirky/nerdy books to read and the sequel to ‘Handmaid’s tale’ that somebody gave me two or three Christmases ago. Whenever I read I feel inspired and motivated to write, also it sparks ideas in me that sometimes lean on the book I’m reading but other times it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Add to that how important reading is to writing; understanding plot and character development but also general grammar and dialogue. I definitely need to read more.

I almost forgot to mention that on Saturday (new year’s eve) I went to watch Manchester United play against one of the teams local to me (Wolves) and absolutely loved it. It has been maybe a year since I actually went to a football match and it’s something I want to do more often, even if it isn’t to watch United. There are other hobbies and interests I would like to get in to this year that maybe aren’t so much of a ‘big day out’ and I can do as and when rather than on set specific days but I’ll go more in to those in what is essentially a New Year’s resolution post.

Back to the match; Penny managed to swing it for me that I was able to watch the match in a corporate box as her boss has one. The whole experience from start to finish was another world. Being elevated in the warm and comfort with an amazing view of the pitch, being able to drink beer from actual glasses, a three course meal included, everyone there but me parking their expensive cars in extortionately priced parking spaces for ease. I’ve always wanted more for myself but whenever I have little tastes of the other side such as this or staying in an expensive hotel or eating in a fancy restaurant just makes me want it even more. Scratch that, I don’t just want this lifestyle I need it.

So this year while I plan to write more, read more, look after myself a bit better, maybe take up a hobby or two my primary objective has to be working towards attaining that life for myself and my family. I have to treat it like a second job and put the time and effort in outside of work wherever I can. I know this may be difficult and my actual job may suffer, also Penny and I may get a little strained and have some disagreements but it’s for the greater good and I just have to do it. Every year since I’ve been with Penny we have progressed, and I have progressed, and while I’m sure that will continue at a similar pace I really feel the need to ramp it up now and reach another level.

Let’s go get it.

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