Fifty, not out

It’s Wednesday November 30th. Last day of the month and payday. Tomorrow is December 1st. I got up at 6am, was out the house for 7 and back home by 1pm. In that time I drove an hour and half to a job, fixed a problem (getting electric shock in the process) and my colleague drove us back. A good day in all. 

Did I forget to mention this is my fiftieth blog post on the site. A whole month before the deadline I set myself. 

Each blog post (from memory) is at least one thousand words, with a few being two thousand or more. The total amount I’ve written will be somewhere between fifty thousand and one-hundred thousand words. Plus the fiction works I’ve posted. I know it has taken more than three years but I’m still proud of those numbers. 

It may be too early to set deadlines but if I can improve slightly by aiming to do 25 posts a year next year that would be a step in the right direction. Obviously the most important thing will be posting more works of fiction. 

I’ve agreed with my old boss to go back on January 4th. A fresh start will be good. An easier job with more money helps too. As I’ve mentioned plenty before I’m hoping it won’t be too long until I’m quitting this job and doing my own thing but while I have to work for somebody else I think I’ll be happiest working this job over any other. 

It’s Penny’s birthday in 3 days and later I’ll be popping out to get birthday cards, chocolates and maybe a couple of little bits. The main present has been delivered to my brother’s house so I need to pick that up and she’s already had a skirt and new trainers given to her as early birthday presents so I should be covered. One of her two man Christmas presents has been ordered and should be delivered soon, as has one of the smaller presents. The other main present I’ll order soon and as with her birthday I just need to pop out to get cards and bits. We’ve bought our presents for the whole family barring three nephews, her dad and her sister for secret Santa. Should be all done within a week or so. 

Unfortunately I don’t have much more to talk about. Not much of a big fiftieth update after all. 

I could discuss how I want to rejoin the gym in the new year (don’t we all) or my loose ideas for what to do business-wise in the next twelve months, or how I’m getting on with my writing or reading or even my Duolingo progress (759 days in case you’re wondering, today’s lesson already done this morning and very close to breaking 50k xp) but I’d be repeating previous posts and not adding much new information amidst my rambling. 

Just to update, with the bad as well as the good, I did decide to buy that game I mentioned in my last post. It was as cheap as it has ever been and is a nice little game to drop in and out of without much stress. I played for maybe two hours on the evening I bought it and have played for perhaps another hour since then. I was hoping to play some more later today being as I’ve finished work early and will get plenty done but we’ll see. 

I have to really push myself to make sure I keep up with the blog posts now I’ve broken that big round number fifty but with less and less to talk about, Christmas around the corner and Penny’s birthday on Saturday I may find it a struggle. I plan to write some fiction this weekend. I’m thinking the humans with abilities stories that have been on my mind lately. And maybe posting a bit more of my work on Wattpad. It would be great to get a start on YouTube but I don’t see that happening just yet. So following whatever I manage to do on the weekend (Sunday mostly as I think Saturday will rightly be Penny’s day) I’ll try to post on update on here too. 

Thank you for joining me for fifty blog posts. I’m genuinely excited for the next fifty and to see where I am when I reach one hundred. My life is immensely different to where I was when I posted my first entry and maybe that will be the case when update number one hundred drops. I hope by then I have plenty of others along for the ride and I hope they all enjoy it. 

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