Who is this consistent writer man?

No need to check your calender. Six months have not passed. Not even six weeks. It has been only three days since my last update and I’ve been feeling it important to try to write more consistently, especially following the massively positive impact my last update had on my foul mood on Wednesday.

Today is Saturday and day one of six I’ll be home alone. Penny and the kids have gone to stay with Penny’s mum in South Wales (just over three hours drive away). I was meant to be going with them but as I have only been at my new job for a week (and already had one day off to go to a doctors appointment) we made the decision that I would stay home with the added benefit of being able to make the most of a bit of time alone. It helps that the new job is fairly easy and pays very well in relation to what I’m actually doing.

Another plus point regarding my current job is one of the guys I’m working with; David. I don’t want to go overboard talking about his life (which is very interesting) or his present situation but basically he’s from a wealthy background, is well-versed in business and has made good business decisions and is beyond comfortable financially. He works because he chooses to and gets paid a decent amount for what he does, which he then adds to his investments. One of these investments he is most excited about made sense to me and I’ve also decided to give it a go. While I plan to invest more over the next few weeks it will still be a relatively small amount (less than £500) but David is convinced that there is a good chance my returns could exceed seven figures. I know this sounds unlikely and I am reluctant to fully believe but it is a wonderful thing to dream and imagine if. The more I research the investment the more I believe in it and I’m happy to be along for the ride.

Aside from imagining a time in the near future where I cash out of one investment leaving millions in my bank I have been asking David for advice regarding work, money, investments, property, mortgages, business, and a host of other things. This job is not just another job. Not even an easy job that I’m being paid too much for. This is an opportunity to learn, to get one on one advice, to ask questions directly and be answered in kind, to speak in person to somebody who is much closer to the life I wish to lead than I, and to receive validation that not only are my hopes and dreams viable but also I show the attributes and potential to attain them.

I don’t smoke, I very rarely drink, I go on ‘nights out’ less than once a month, I very rarely buy new clothes and when I do it’s never expensive or designer, I have no real hobbies that come with costs, I have no debt and have worked all of my monthly outgoings down as low as possible (opting for a SIM only plan once my phone contract was up for renewal has saved me £40 a month, almost £500 a year, add to that cancelling lesser-used subscriptions and negotiating better internet and insurance deals). My point being my partner and I have put ourselves in a very good position financially. We spend very little and going forward if I was to make a good amount of money I would have no desire to celebrate by splashing out on a big purchase nor would I start spending without consideration.

I’d be fairly happy to continue renting but it makes the most sense financially to buy our own house (if we’re going in to specifics the most sense would be an interest only mortgage for 25 years and then buy the house for the agreed price once it is worth much more, or sell it and use the profit to buy a home that suits our situation at that point in time when the kids are grown) so that’s what we would do. Even if I had over a million pound in my bank account I would not look to buy our dream home or an overly lavish one. It would have what we need and most likely only a slight upgrade over the house we rent now; an upstairs bathroom, space to have a small home office, a garage would be nice but the other things I need could come afterwards.

As for cars, which is most people’s big one, I would be happy enough to keep the car we have (possibly pay it off as there’s six months left on the finance), sell the van and if we needed a second car just get some second-hand, reliable, family car that’s a few years old. I don’t have a dream car like a lot of my friends and family. For me I’ve always felt when I own a Porsche I’ll have made it but I would not buy new (the only was I would have new is if I was leasing and that made the most sense financially) and I would not want to own a Porsche until I have several steady streams of income that have far exceeded my current income and I have a pot, or pots, of money that are only growing.

As is now obvious I think about these things a lot. A lot. My belief very often wavers but very rarely do I feel that I won’t be successful and get to where I want to be. In those darkest of times there is something that comes along at some point that reminds me of who I am, what I want and that it is possible to get there. There are also times of extreme light where there is nothing nor nobody that could convince me I will not be everything I want to be. Those times my will is bulletproof. I will be a wildly successful published author with adorning fans, I will be a millionaire with multiple business interests and investments that bring in varying streams of income, I will be able to give my children every opportunity possible and the means to give any slight interest they may have a fair chance to evolve in to their life’s passion.

When I sat down to write this I was only planning to briefly mention work, David, and future plans before talking about other topics but as I have uncharacteristically rambled I will save those for another post. I would like to avoid committing to posting again in the near future but I seem to love self-torture so you can expect my next update tomorrow. I’m home alone, I’m trying to write more, I have no plans, and my football team play today (so I won’t be busy watching them tomorrow). My plan for the rest of today is to watch my team, do some food shopping and put fuel in the van ready for work, and to write up a very raw brain dump on a series of stories that have been in my head a lot recently. Tomorrow’s update should cover how I got on with this and if no update comes you have my permission to give me a dead leg when you see me.

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