Tuesday 10th September 2019

Day two of attempting a thousand words a day. Yesterday was much easier as I wasn’t in work and did it first thing in the morning after taking the little one to school and dropping my girlfriend off at work. Today I’ve done a very long day at work including almost an hour drive each way (and having to pump up my tyres on the side of a busy dual carriageway half way home) and I am absolutely knackered. Struggled to stand up right I’m the shower.

The job I was doing today was very different from what I’ve been doing for the last nine months. For a start it wasn’t electrical at all. I was boarding, plastering and rendering. The guy I did it for is happy to teach me as long as I’m happy to work hard. The money is less but the way I look at it is it’s a little bit different and when I’m competent it’s another skill I have for if I ever need work. Also it’s kind of as and when he needs me, he said it will rarely be five days a week which suits me down to the ground. Tomorrow there is no work for me but there should be for Thursday and Friday.

Other than the new job today we had an eventful evening yesterday. My other half is twelve weeks pregnant and has been nauseous constantly for the last three or four weeks, being sick once or twice a day. Over the weekend this got worse culminating in her being sick seven times on Sunday unable to keep any food or even water down. She went to the doctor’s yesterday (she went last week, was given sickness tablets and they only made her worse, or maybe she just got worse and they were ineffectove) and when they weighed her she was six kilos down from her weight around a month ago. Also she was found to be very dehydrated. The doctor said she would have to go to the hospital and be put on a drip overnight. At this time I was picking the little one up and going to the shop to get everyone’s dinner. I went straight to the doctor’s to pick my girlfriend up, home to collect some stuff for the hospital, then off to the hospital. The little one was shattered after a long day in school but he was so well behaved (my old Nintendo DS helps) even though he got a little sad thinking his mum would have to stay in hospital overnight.

After waiting for an hour and a half the doctor in the hospital asks a few questions and tells us she doesn’t have to stay overnight. They are going to prescribe much stronger anti-sickness pills that are usually reserved for chemotherapy patients. My girlfriend was told to take one every twelve hours, rest, get plenty of water and try to eat. She was better within the hour of taking her first one. So today she’s had a much needed rest day at home without me or the little one there. And thankfully she’s been so much better today. The only worry is they would only give us enough pills for five days for some reason. Fingers crossed the sickness has faded at least by the time she runs out.

I must admit, lazy as it sounds, I am glad for a day off tomorrow. I have no real plans other than a few jobs around the house. I actually feel like being a bit more productive tomorrow; possibly having a deeper clean or get some extra tidying done. I must admit, though it may not be masculine, I do enjoy hearing and seeing my other half’s reaction when she gets home and I’ve outdone myself. Maybe I’ll go out for a walk with some music on. I always find ideas to jot down seem to come to me when I’m doing exactly that. I still need to write out my aims and goals including a few habits I want to get in to. One of these is to walk that magic figure of ten thousand steps a day. A few years ago I was playing Pok√©mon Go and I was out walking so much every single day. During this time I was also going to the gym either five or six days a week and was very fit (gym is another habit I need to get back in to). Compare that to now and it’s worlds apart. I weighed myself today and I’m a few pound light of 17 stone (108kg), I’m pretty sure that’s the heaviest I’ve ever been although surprisingly around seven years ago I looked much, much fatter. Maybe more of this weight I’m currently carrying is muscle but I’d be very surprised, I haven’t set foot in a gym for around a year.

Being as I’ve written two habits I’d like to get back in to I may as carry on with this theme. Two habits I have already started (again, things I used to do while I was walking plenty and going to the gym); intermittent fasting and tracking my food on myfitnesspal (although the tracking has gone a bit wayward the last two days). When I used to live abroad the locals would eat fairly late, so that became my custom too, and I would never eat breakfast. When I did eat it was never healthy and somehow when I visited home around five months later I was almost three stone lighter (I did walk a lot more too). This habit of eating late and skipping breakfast was great for me not only for weight loss but also energy. I’d always been told breakfast was the most important meal of the day growing up, and when I went in to construction we would always have a full English breakfast pretty much every morning. I would always feel sluggish and low on energy after breakfast even if it was just a bowl of cereal. I was surprised how much more energy I had eating late (which again I was told is a terrible habit) and skipping breakfast but when I came home I would eat my last meal at the more regular time of six or seven pm and still skip breakfast in the morning. My energy levels were still through the roof, my happiness and positivity were higher too. Only a year or two later die I find out this was called intermittent fasting. I was lucky that I was already doing it by accident so it’s never been too hard for me to go 12 to 16 hours without eating. I just needed minor changes like only drinking water, not tea or fizzy drinks, during my ‘fast’.

That’s it really. Just an update on my last thirty-six hours or so and a few vague plans. Nothing more than that. Just wanted to get my thousand words out and cabbage on the sofa while the other half watches bake off.

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