Good week, good day, good end to the year coming up

Immediately following my previous post a week ago I uploaded my short story ‘Red on canvas’ to Wattpad. Nobody has read it yet but that doesn’t bother me. I wanted it on there and it’s on there. The aim now is to get a few more things on there.

Lately I’ve been working on a sci-fi story I really like. There are still some plot holes but I’m happy with the general outline and most of the characters really intrigue me. I know it may seem weird to talk about them as if they are not of my creation but strangely it feels that way; they begin in my head with me giving or taking as I see fit but soon they take on a life of their own and grow independently of me. I believe I’ve mentioned this story before but essentially it will be split in to three books, covering different people in different countries living vastly different lives. There will be crossovers and coming together, perhaps resulting in a fourth book but that is yet to be seen.

Also I checked on YouTube and found that, as I vaguely recalled, I had already created a Write to Survive channel though I have not done anything with it as yet. I’m full of optimism that I will get to a point I have plenty of content on there, as well as on Wattpad, and will be posting consistently. My only pessimism is thinking am I good enough and will anyone actually look at it. Maybe I’m not currently good enough but I can learn. Plenty of others have made whole careers out of endeavours they have deemed themselves not good enough for. And in regards to anybody looking at it I’m fully aware there’s all kinds of people out there with all kinds of interests so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that a group or groups of people find my content and like it enough to watch, discuss and recommend. I need to be kinder to myself.

I spoke to my old boss that wants me back early in the week and we discussed the finer points of the offer he made. I was happy with all aspects and I agreed to come back. All that was left was to find out how long my notice period is at my current place of employment and hand it in. Unfortunately there was a slight impasse here; I don’t want to move until January.

I believe moving this close to Christmas is going to be messy. My old company is busy, they’re trying to get a lot of work done before (and during) the Christmas break, my return will be rushed, I’ll have to catch up to any changes they have made and most importantly I am already in wind-down mode. What I mean is; knowing Christmas is round the corner and how I struggle with the cold, dark days I am not currently working with one hundred percent effort and efficiency.

Add to this the fact my current company do not have to chase money like my old company does. My current employers have told me that the week or two before we break up there won’t be much work on. We should expect some fairly easy days. And the actual Christmas break is lengthy and well-paid. Plus a fully paid Christmas party. Compare that to my old company where every day that is not a bank holiday we’ll be working just like any other day, and no doubt we will be asked if we fancy working for a little extra money on those bank holidays too. My old company will also be working in the week between Christmas and New Year whereas my current colleagues will be at home relaxing with full pay. And the salt on the wound – no Christmas party.

Not to talk about work too much, unfortunately that’s all I really have going on right now, but my old boss wants me back immediately and it has made it really difficult for me. He had agreed for my contract to start on January 4th but roughly twelve hours later he asked if I could join sooner. Essentially the company I’m at are going to pay me to do not a lot for two weeks followed by almost two weeks at home fully paid. It makes sense to move jobs and start in January, fresh start and all that.

A slight dilemma I find myself in right now is that a game I’ve wanted to buy for the longest time is currently on sale for the lowest price it has ever been and for context I’d spend more on a coffee date with my partner so it isn’t like the cost is going to make any kind of dent. The issue I have is I am trying to be productive with my time. I’m struggling right now when it comes to productivity. I’m not writing any fiction other than loose ideas and outlines. I haven’t transferred work I’ve already created to Wattpad save for ‘Red on canvas’ and other than a quick Google search I’ve made no effort to create a video for my Write to Survive YouTube channel. Adding a game I’ve really wanted to play for a good while, and one I could easily spend hours playing, to the mix is surely going to be detrimental. Maybe I could try to spin it positively? Buy the game but only play as a reward for finishing certain tasks, or only allow myself to play the same amount of time I have spent writing. Will I stick to those conditions? I doubt it.

It has taken me way longer to write this than I care to admit but after a week away I just wanted to get back on the horse. Also in case any of you were wondering this is article forty-nine. Meaning my next post will be number fifty and I will have achieved my target with a month or so to spare. While that is definitely something to be proud of my aim and focus now is to be consistent as well as writing actual fiction and posting across socials.

I feel better already for writing this, tomorrow is Sunday, and the work situation is a lot clearer. Oh and of course we are one week closer to Christmas. Also payday is just four days away. The positives keep on coming. I’ve ordered three main presents for Penny for her birthday (3rd December) and Christmas so I just have to buy bits now, and one other main present for Christmas when I get paid. Most of the other presents for extended family are already sorted (thanks to Penny) and we can mostly relax going in to December.

I reckon I’ll be back posting my fiftieth update before we enter December. Not sure what it will say as I’ve pretty much covered everything here but the excitement has me. I’m sure I’ll find something to babble on about. Maybe I’ll have to be productive so I can talk about that. Maybe about how earlier Penny and I drove up to the £1.5 million pound house she wants us to buy so we could take a look. Yeah, I think I’ll save that for my next update. Until then.

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